Community Affiliate

Wendy Allen (she/her) has been a participant in Atwater Library’s projects in digital literacy for seniors using video as a way to explore, reflect, learn and create.   Projects have ranged from digitalizing a chapter of her own story to the Promenade Parlante, a place-based research creation project in Shaughnessy Village (a partnership with Concordia and the Atwater Library).

At COHDS she used oral history as an approach to present portraits of the people at the heart of international university development projects.

Cabot Square Project  an audio recording created for the Promenade Parlante, based on an interview with Nakuset, the Executive Director of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.  It was presented in Cabot Square:

This has always been a meeting place . . .   a video version of the Cabot Square episode of the Promenade Parlante :

Whose Square?  an experiment with video photography and editing using opacity and slow motion that focused on Cabot Square:

Micro deja –vuCanada in 150 Seconds (with Ramsay Blair) an experiment with micro-photography:

The Allens go to Chinathe product of a “downsizing” project to digitalize family photos:

International project between COHDS/CVAP and Gulu University

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Erin McDonaugh