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Eliot is a PhD student in History and COHDS Archives Coordinator. His dissertation topic is the impact of deindustrialization and urban renewal on Sudbury, Ontario’s Francophone community.

Consultative Processes and the Management of Urban Change in Montreal, 1980-2002

Eliot’s doctoral thesis will examine the ways in which residents transitioned from activists to participants in Montreal’s governance both specifically from the viewpoint of the planning process, and, more generally, as ongoing mediators within public debates over urban issues. The institutionalization of activist voices represented a marked shift from an earlier confrontational style. However, while many applauded this development, there remains much criticism over the role and effectiveness of public participation within Montreal’s planning frameworks and in conjunction with the city’s, and private sector’s, contemporary developmental goals. Utilizing oral history interviews and the resources of the city’s Office de la consultation publique, Eliot will examine the perceived success of institutionalized activist voices and the history of participatory planning in the city.