Research Affiliate

Nadia Hausfather is a postdoctoral fellow at UQAM, funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC). She completed her PhD in Humanities at Concordia University, with Sociology as her major field, and Oral History and Anthropology as her minor fields. Her dissertation was entitled Ghosts in our corridors: Emotional experiences of participants in Québec’s general unlimited student strike campaigns (2005 – 2012). The latter included video interviews that she conducted, texts written by student strike participants, as well as audio interviews archived by the Dawson Oral History Project, and it won the COHDS Award of Excellence in Oral History in March 2018. She co-curated the Striking Memories exhibit within the context of the US Oral History Association Annual Conference at Concordia in October 2018, which was covered by The Link newspaper. She has presented her thesis analyses, oral history interviews, and her video documentary on her website ( as well as at various conferences and educational settings, from the CLASSE founding congress to Dawson Cinema Politica. Her current postdoctoral research project under the supervision of Professor Francis Dupuis-Déri at UQAM extends her PhD work to the realm of professors and teachers, to explore their perspectives and emotional experiences of student strikes and how these relate to their feelings about students and pedagogy, as well as to their location, precarity, and other systemic dynamics. If students’ relationship to their educational institution during student strikes was sometimes profoundly affected by difficult encounters with teachers/professors on picket lines, how did teachers and professors experience such events?