Student Affiliate

Maher Kouraytem is an autodidact artist and community organizer based in Montreal (Tiohtiàke), born in Beirut (Berith). He is enthusiastic about initiatives that connect people, create awareness and care for our communities. Maher believes in art’s capacity to critically reflect society while providing platforms for marginalized voices. Maher is currently studying studio art at Concordia University.

Portraits from the Point

Grounded in the history of the place, the project will collect interviews that shed the light on individuals who are living (or have lived) in Point St-Charles and/or have worked in the old CN building – currently B7. Participants will be asked to share memories and/or documenst from that period. Ultimately, the stories, images, and any accompanying documentation will be exhibited at Batimênt 7 to share these narratives with other residents of the Point.

Project collaborators: Jean-Guy Dutil, Mary Foster, Stephen Poirier