The COHDS Computer Lab is located on the 10th floor of the Library Building, 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve (LB 1042). Access to the lab is limited to COHDS affiliates.  

The Computer Lab is comprised of seven workstations equipped with software related to audio and video post-production, including one workstation dedicated to capturing various formats such as Mini-DV, VHS and audio cassette tape. 

All computers in COHDS main Research Hub are available to affiliates on a first come, first serve basis. Affiliates may reserve a computer for rendering projects or for general use, with approval of COHDS staff. A computer can also be reserved for a longer period, under approval of the COHDS administrative team, and subject to availability. Priority will be given to core members and formal partnership projects.  

Affiliates are encouraged to store project files on external drives. Files that are saved elsewhere will be removed periodically and without notice throughout the year.    


Audio & Video Editing

  • Adobe Suite for audio and video editing (Including Premiere, Audition, Photoshop) 
  • Audacity 
  • Aegissub (Subtitling) 


  • Express Scribe (with pedals) 

Digital Storytelling Software Links

  • Stories Matter :With Adobe discontinuing its flash drive player yesterday – we are no longer able to access our audio-video files in Stories Matter software. It is the one proprietary component of the software – but an essential one. This is devastating news for all of us with Stories Matter databases and it is not a quick fix as this player is built right in. But given how many thousands of hours of interviews are in Stories Matter database environments – we will do our best to find funding to tackle this. But, even if successful, this takes time.
  • Voice Thread


The Sun Room is suitable for meetings and events of up to 25 people. It is equipped with an HD Projector and sound system. Generally, rooms are not booked for purposes unrelated to COHDS/oral history. To reserve the room please contact as far in advance as possible.  

The Sun Room may be booked by core faculty members for teaching purposes, such as seminar courses that have a strong oral history/public history focus. These special bookings are at the discretion of the Coordinator & Community Facilitator, in consultation with the Co-Directors, who will jointly determine whether, given our other annual activities, we can accommodate the request.   


The Acts of Listening Lab (ALLab) is a black box performance space that can be reserved by COHDS and ALLab affiliates and is dedicated to oral history performance, research, diffusion, and talkback. 

The ALLab complements the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling continuing dedication to sharing authority and difficult knowledge, by adding an emphasis on listening in post-conflict zones, and research-creation that responds to questions of memory, justice, and storytelling. This state-of-the-art laboratory forms an integral part of COHDS’s research and creation activities and facilitates a core objective: to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration through oral history, the arts, and digital media.  

For ALLab reservations, please contact