Selected Publications by COHDS Affiliates



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Journal Articles and Book Chapters

BURGOYNE, Sarah. (2022). Wisteria Syndrome. Collaboration with Jessie Jones. Model Press, v.017. Limited edition chapbook. Calgary, Alberta (March 27). 

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Other Types of Publications

BURGOYNE, Sarah. (2022). 1 poem with Sheryl Halpbern: “Mind Palace,” Frog Pond Review, v.1. Montreal, QC.  

BURGOYNE, Sarah. (2022). 1 poem in X-Tracts, Turret House Press  

CAMBRE, Carolina. (2022, March 23) “Molecular Insurrections: An experiment in Visual Narrative Inquiry in Buenos Aires, Argentina” at the Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS) University of Manchester, UK. ( ) (ENCYCLOPAEDIA ENTRY) 

FOSTER, Gavin. (2022). “The Social Basis of the Civil War Divide” & “IRA Emigration and Settlement after the Revolution”, website essays (adapted from my Atlas of the Irish Revolution contributions cited above) for the Irish Civil War project, an online collaboration between UCC and RTÉ funded by Ireland’s Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts Gaeltacht, Sport and Media, expected to launch Jan. 2022 (Website essay) 

HEARNE, Dana. (2022). Wisteria Syndrome. Collaboration with Jessie Jones. Model Press, v.017. Limited edition chapbook. Calgary, Alberta (March 27). 

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TYSHKOV, Anna. (2022). Interview with Dr. Ted Swedenburg (Anthropology, University of Arkansas) on 1936-1939 Palestinian Rebellion and Oral History. Voice of Insaniyyat: Ethnographic Voices on Palestine and the World. 

VUKOV, Tamara. (2022). Parc-Ex Anti-Eviction Interactive Digital Cartography and Online Documentary (two digital maps and 11 short videos) 

VUKOV, Tamara. (2022). « Le Big Data contre le droit à un chez-soi ? Le secteur de l’intelligence artificielle et la gentrification de Parc-Extension » (“Big Data versus the right to housing? The Artificial Intelligence Sector and Gentrification in Parc-Extension”). Co-authored with the Parc-Extension Anti-Eviction Mapping Project. Revue Droits et Libertés. Dossier spéciale sur le Capitalisme de Surveillance. Forthcoming June 2022. 



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Thesis and Dissertations

BURRILL, Fred. (2021). “History, Memory, and Struggle in Saint-Henri, Montreal,” PhD diss., Concordia University, November 2021. 

CARDOSO DE SOUSA, Wanessa (2021) Domestic Spaces of Affection: The Role of Vernacular Architecture, Material Culture and Memory in the Cases of two Brazilian Households. MA thesis, Concordia University. 

DUFOUR, Emanuelle (2021). Des histoires à raconter : d’Ani Kuni à Kiuna – Les mémoires graphiques en tant qu’outil de rencontre avec les réalités autochtones et allochtones du Québec.” PhD thesis, Art Education, Concordia. 

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ISMAIL-ALLOUCHE, Zeina. (2021). “ineradicable voices; narratives toward rerooting” An oral history research-creation based on the life stories of individuals who experienced transracial/intercountry adoption. PhD thesis, Concordia University.  

LAFRAMBOISE, Lauren. (2021). “Gender labour, immigration, and deindustrialization in Montreal’s garment industry.” Master’s thesis, History. Concordia University. 

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

ALAVEZ José.*, Rachédi L., and Caquard S. (2021). (Deep) Mapping postmortem geographies in the context of migration, From the European South Journal 8: 1-19 (ISSN 2531-4130)

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Other Types of Publications

BURGOYNE, Sarah. (2022). 1 poem in X-Tracts, Turret House Press  

BURGOYNE, Sarah. (2021). “Une Femme Passa,” video, a translation of dance into poetry, with Hilary Bergen, The Scales Project, Conversation 54: 

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DRUKKER, Kelly Nora. (2021). Spring of 2021, my creative non-fiction essay “Souls” was published in issue #214 of The Malahat Review. 

DRUKKER, Kelly Nora (2021). Summer of 2021, my poem “Such grief” was awarded an Honourable Mention in the League of Canadian Poets’ Very Small Verse contest.  

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