Research Affiliate

Dr Rajesh Prasad is an oral historian in the Oral History Division, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi, India. He received his PhD degree from Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi under Professor Bhagwan Josh and Professor Sucheta Mahajan. Dr Rajesh has been interviewing, editing, and writing about Oral History of Indian National Movement since the 2016. He has also the experience of interviewing the survivors of caste massacres of Bihar. He wrote numerous articles on survivors’ retelling, including the chapter on Naxalites and Caste wars in Bihar for the Violence and Society edited volume by Interdisciplinary Research Foundation, Warsaw, Poland. He also wrote, Historical Waves of Oral History: Reflections on New Trends and Changing Practice • International Oral History Association, Finland • 2019 • ISSN – 2222-4181 and Land, Caste and Political Power: Reflections on the Struggle of Caste Communities in Bihar • Occasional Papers, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library • 2020 • ISBN – 978-93-84793-37-1. Oral History in the study of Naxalism and Caste Massacres in eastern India(under consideration of Oral History Review). His core area of research is Folk tradition, gender and violence, caste violence, left politics and oral history.