Student Affiliate

Lauren Laframboise is a SSHRC-funded Master’s student in the Department of History at Concordia University, working under the supervision of Dr. Steven High. Her work focuses on deindustrialization in the apparel manufacturing industry in Montreal, with particular attention to the gendered and racialized impacts of economic change, gentrification and the politics of deindustrializing space. After completing her BA in History and International Development Studies at McGill University in 2017, she worked as the Research and Curatorial Coordinator at the Museum of Jewish Montreal, and coordinated the Museum’s yearly Summer Research Fellowship Program for students from 2017-2019. At Concordia, Lauren was a research fellow on the Montreal 2050 Urban Futures project, and co-creator of a short oral history-based documentary film titled Who gets left behind or left out? Stories of displacement and struggle in Montreal. In early 2020, she was also a general coordinator for the Living Archives Vivantes online oral history platform, which hosts the stories of survivors of the Rwandan Genocide living in Montreal. She is currently a research assistant on the Beyond Museum Walls project through the Curating and Public Scholarship Lab (CaPSL), a multi-year project aimed at developing exhibition strategies related to meaningful encounters with histories of injustice, such as colonization, genocide, discrimination, violence, and conflict. She is the Associate Director of the Deindustrialization and the Politics of our Time SSHRC Partnership grant based at COHDS.