Professor, Art History, Concordia University

Dr Cynthia Hammond is Professor of Art History at Concordia University. She is a practicing artist and scholar, whose research and creation emphasize living memories and situated knowledge of the city, especially women’s knowledge. Her most recent solo exhibition, ‘Les Jardins des femmes’, was held at the School of Architecture of McGill University in June 2019. This exhibition centred around St. Margaret’s Home (Montreal), which for almost a century was a home to older women. Cynthia recently completed a year-long, collaborative oral history research-creation project, Promenade parlante, which was funded through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada’s Partnership Engage program. ‘Promenade parlante’ foregrounded the urban knowledge of older Montreal citizens through arts-based methods and, for most of the participating seniors, was their first opportunity to make art in the public realm. She is presently leading a three-year Partnership Development Grant project titled “La ville extraordinaire: Learning from older Montrealers’ urban knowledge through oral history research-creation.”

Cynthia’s research can be accessed here:, and her artistic work can be found here: