Student Affiliate

John is a M.A student in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Concordia University and Project Coordinator for Montreal Waterways, a research and working group affiliated with the Concordia Ethnography Lab and the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture, and Technology. John’s research interests broadly focus on historical and contemporary socio-ecological relationships with landscape, water, and more-than-human others within the multidisciplinary fields of anthropology, philosophy, ecology and human geography. His current M.A thesis work and research explores grief in relation to the life and loss of wetlands in Alberta, specifically within one of the province’s seven main watersheds. As project coordinator under the direction of Dr. Kregg Hetherington, Montreal Waterways is currently dedicated to interrogating “islandness” within the Hochelaga Archipelago through collaborative ethnographic and methodological experimentation, using a variety of mediums that can be used to tell a story about the archipelago, some of which include ethnography, art, and digital media. Outside of the university, John continues to work professionally part-time as a Master Hairstylist at Salon Sans bon Sens in the Montreal neighbourhood of Little Italy.