Student affiliate

Greg Labrosse is an educator and researcher based in Cartagena, Colombia, since 2006. He has worked on projects with the Culture and Development Research Lab at the Technological University of Bolivar, where he also held the position of director of Foreign Languages. His research explores questions of spatial agency and social aesthetics in relation to emerging sites of cultural production in peripheral neighbourhoods of Cartagena. These barrios populares southeast of the city centre were also the location of his master’s research, in which he examined the ways children and youth seek to increase their opportunities for play through the appropriation of abandoned urban spaces. As an extension of this work on play and culture, his doctoral thesis traces the emergence of contemporary dance as a social practice in Cartagena’s periphery and follows the spatial trajectories of local choreographers and dancers over the course of their artistic formation.

He is currently participating in a research project at the Centre for Oral History & Digital Storytelling at Concordia that focuses on spaces of restorative justice from a design perspective. The project aims to increase the exchange of knowledge about spaces of restorative and transitional justice and provide resources to an international community of practitioners seeking to learn more about the spatial dimensions of this field. The project is led by Dr. Cynthia Hammond (Department of Art History, Concordia University); Dr. Luis Sotelo (Co-director of the Centre for Oral History & Digital Storytelling and researcher at the Colombian Truth Commission); and Dr. Ipek Türeli (Canada Research Chair in Architectures of Spatial Justice at McGill University).