Associate Professor, School of Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia University

Gavin Foster is Associate Professor of modern Irish history in the School of Irish Studies with a cross-appointment in the History Department. He is a Core Member of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling and serves as History Reviews Editor for the Canadian Journal of Irish Studies. His research foci include the IRA and Irish republican political culture, revolutionary violence, labour and social conflicts, class and social status themes, diasporic/migration history, and commemoration/memory of the Irish Revolution (1913-23), particularly its final Civil War phase and the early years of the Irish Free State.

His book, The Irish Civil War and Society: Politics, Class and Conflict (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) was awarded the 2015 James S. Donnelly, Sr. Prize for Books on History and Social Sciences by the American Conference for Irish Studies.

The undergraduate courses Gavin teaches include History of Ireland, The Great Irish Famine, The Irish Revolution, The Troubles in Northern Ireland, plus seminars on History and Memory and interdisciplinary Research Methods. Gavin also supervises/works with graduate students in History and in interdisciplinary programs at Concordia.