Elsy Zavarce, is a visual artist, emeritus professor at the University of Zulia. Born in Canada but lived all her life in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Since 2019 she is a full time PhD student in Art Education at Concordia University, and a student of Bijouterie-Joaillerie at l’École des métiers du Sud-Ouest-de-Montréal (ÉMSOM), Montreal. Currently, she coordinates ESCOLARTE, an Educational Program of Maczul (Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia).

As an artist, she has explored various means of expression. She has many research publications, as a result of several funded research projects, some of them show her interest for the comprehension of contemporary art, other publications demonstrate her pedagogical approach and the importance of art education from being a founder of the Graphic Design School.

Her work has been exhibited in Venezuela, Canada, USA, being part of private and public collections as in the Museum of the Americas. She has participated in innumerable exhibitions and individual projects: Curará (CEVAZ Gallery 2004), Memory of the Objects – Museum of Contemporary Art of Zulia (MACZUl, 2017) among others. Guest artist in numerous Art Salons, among which stands out: Art in the Era of Discoveries (MACZUL, 2015) invited by L. A. Duque, exposed her searches for the past and present, related to a private and collective memory.

She has several important artist-curatorial works from Ene Incident (1999-2014), Body in Question (Cuerpo en Cuestion) (MACZUL 2018). Her most recent project as a curator and artist is Confined Bodies (Maczul 2020).

She has been worthy of academic recognition and distinctions in the arts such as the Special Mention in the Aragua Art Salon (2012), First Prize in three-dimensional work in the Caribbean Art Salon (2000), among others.