Julián Fernando Trujillo Amaya was part of the Quebec Node of the Colombian Truth Commission as an interviewer and collaborator in the compilation and processing of the testimonies of the victims in exile due to the Colombian conflict, and he actively participated as a student of the Doctorate in Humanities from the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University in the Acts of Listening Laboratory (ALLab). Julián Fernando has been working on the compilation, organization, and investigation of testimonies of the Narco-World, semiotic coloniality and the violence that affects Colombian victims, immigrants, and displaced people from the Departments of Valle del Cauca, Antioquía and Cauca, especially the communities indigenous, peasant and Afro-descendant. Julián Trujillo is preparing a project on “Semiotic coloniality and narratives of the war on drugs in the communities of Cauca and the Valle of Cauca affected by drug trafficking.” The objective of the research is to develop a critical interpretation of narcoculture, symbolic coloniality, and the official discourse on the war on drugs, which generates negative identities, distorts historical memory, and glorifies the actors of violence in Colombia.