Community Affiliate

Taïna is a Montreal-born mixed-media artist and community organizer of Haitian and Cameroonian heritage. The mediums she uses extend from textiles, embroidery, paper, beads, and wool. She considers herself to be a modern griot; a storyteller of vanished stories.

Taïna’s work explores relationships between future and present through a Black cultural lens and attempts to foster new truths beyond dominant cultural discourse to connect the African diaspora with its histories and embodied knowledge. Her work is research-driven, instigated by history, fantasy, and science-fiction to explore Blackness with the intent of analyzing its infinite interconnectedness.

Taïna debuted her career as a collage artist in 2020. She has always been enamored with archives and sought to respond to symbolic annihilation in the collective memory. Since then, she has been part of a group exhibition and had a solo exhibition. She also facilitates workshops addressing themes such as art, identity, social justice, and education.