Research Affiliate

Elise Olmedo is a Post-doctoral Researcher at the department of geography, planning and environment at Concordia University. She defended her Ph.D. in Geography in 2015 at Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. The topic of her thesis centers on the ability of cartography and mapping to represent the world of emotions, sensations and affective atmospheres, which are usually left behind by classical maps. Her current work deals with theoretical and empirical practices to develop the concept of sensibility mapping (“Cartographie sensible” in French) as a research-creation tool based on a processual approach. Far from the representation of a unique fixed space, this methodology offers an evolving point of view on places more adapted to geographical perceptions and subjectivity through a dialogue between graphics and experience. professor Sébastien Caquard supervises her current Banting project (2019-2021). Its goal is to develop and implement a subjective-narrative cartography to complement the Atlascine software. In order to do so, this project focuses on the representation of memories of Rwandan exiles. Concretely, this research is based on 31 narratives of Tutsi genocide survivors compiled at the Centre d’Histoire Oral et de Récits Numérisés (CHORN) at Concordia University.