Community Affiliate and Artist

Sonya Stefan is currently in the research phase for a new dance documentary “The Feeling Behind” which focuses on the 25 years of Newton Moraes Dance Theatre. Newton Moraes Dance Theatre is a company dedicated to the creation, performance and production of contemporary dance works to explore, maintain and develop the links between the arts of Canada and Latin America through the artistic vision and knowledge of its founder and artistic director Newton Moraes. This includes especially the examination of Brazilian culture and the development of new forms of contemporary artistic expression.

Sonya is also working in partnership with artist Stephanie Castonguay. Their collective “Technologies of Consciousness” was the first ever artist-in-residence at Biosphere Montreal researching bioplastics for a new work “The Intimacy of Strangers”. Motivated by the porous and undefined intersections between art, media and science, the collective seeks to define our biological consciousness through our shared potential to feel a deep and meaningful communion with the sphere of Nature. Driven by the spirit of DIY, their projects embrace a radical and popular point of view of non-expertise, demystifying the organic world in relation to the healing of the body, and the processes of decomposition and the notion of the end of the cycle.