Community Affiliate

Sivan Black-Rotchin is the host and producer of the Talking TESL podcast, which is a component of the TESL Resource Centre at Concordia University. She also holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Concordia University, which she completed under the supervision of Professor Walcir Cardoso. Her pedagogical interests include gamification, ComputerAssisted Language Learning (CALL) and pronunciation. She is also a big believer in teacher collaboration and communication. When she is not busy collecting the stories of students, faculty members, and alumni, she also teaches English at the CEGEP-level.

Talking TESL is the official podcast of the TESL Resource Centre at Concordia University. The overarching goal of the TESL Resource Centre project is to assist students as they transition from their studies into the teaching workforce by helping shape an active community of students, alumni, and faculty. The Talking TESL podcast contributes by featuring the diverse stories of students, alumni who now teach, and Department of Education faculty members. Our podcast includes stories from the classroom, topics of interest in the TESL field, and words of wisdom from teachers at all stages of their careers.You can listen to the podcast on our webpage, or on most podcasting platforms.