I am the lead co-director of COHDS (since 2020) and an associate professor in the department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University. My research lies at the intersection between mapping, technologies and the humanities. In this research, I seek to explore how maps can help better understanding the complex relationships that exist between places and narratives. This research involves mapping a range of narratives such as oral stories from exiles and from Indigenous people, as well as literary texts and fiction films. As the director of the Geomedia lab, I have led the development of Atlascine, an opensource mapping application designed to map stories, and I am involved in a variety of innovative projects that require alternative ways of thinking cartographically. I am also a founding member of theMappingBack collective, and the former chair of the Commission on “Art and Cartography” of the International Cartographic Association (ICA). Finally, I am the graduate program director of the Master of Environmental Assessment and I have been actively involved in implementing a flying less policy in the department of Geography, Planning and Environment.