M.A. Student, Individualized Program, Concordia University

I am beginning a research initiative that builds‬ ‪on the knowledge and experience of long-term residents in Hudson, NY to‬ ‪examine urban change in the city. Like cities throughout North America,‬ ‪Hudson has seen dramatic change: once a center for manufacturing and‬ ‪industrial activity, the city has more recently become a site of an arts‬ ‪“boom,” and has been celebrated as an example of arts-driven‬ ‪revitalization in post-industrial cities. I am interested in how Hudson’s‬ ‪recent development has been experienced by those living, working, and raising‬ ‪children in the city. This research will be in dialogue with my ongoing work‬ ‪at Kite’s Nest, a learning center for children in Hudson, and the Staley B.‬ ‪Keith Social Justice Center, an organization focused on issues of racial and‬ ‪social justice in the city — and will build on the Hudson Oral History‬ ‪Archive, an archive of the Oral History Summer School.‬