Twinkle’s (other) story 

by Lea Kabiljo 

‘’Twinkle’s (other) story’’ explores the life story of Twinkle, whose husband Daniel was tragically killed in 1972 by a 14-year- old boy in downtown Montreal. Years later, this unfortunate event led Twinkle to found LOVE (Leave Out Violence) – a non-profit organization specializing in violence prevention programs for at-risk youth. “Twinkle’s story” became highly public over the years. Documentaries were made, articles written, and interviews recorded; all recounting the story of a remarkable woman who, through her personal tragedy, found a way to help others. By engaging with Twinkle in oral history and creative process, our intent was to reveal her life story; the one before and after the tragic event that changed her life so profoundly. As our recorded conversations became increasingly personal I had the privilege to discover the woman she is; beyond only the “Twinkle’s story” we all knew. With emphasis on shared authority – informed by dialogue and collaboration – this process enabled us to create an evocative visual narrative reflecting Twinkle’s life story and significant life events. 

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