Patricia Branco Cornish is a fourth-year PhD student in the Communications Department under Dr Kim Sawchuk’s supervision.  Her investigation focuses on women personal stories about their artistic practices to resist and criticize censorship and social rules under the Brazilian dictatorship (1964-1985). Patricia is interested in how rights violations are experienced and remembered from a gendered perspective. This research has a multidisciplinary approach encompassing oral history and memory theories, visual culture, feminism, media and postcolonial studies.

Patricia worked as an independent curator and ran her art gallery in Brazil before joining Concordia University. She completed her Master’s in Art History at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Her MA thesis “Artistas mulheres na ditadura brasileira: os casos de Wanda Pimentel e Teresinha Soares” investigated artistic practices of women living under dictatorship using a feminist art critic perspective. She co-authored an article about private collections under museum administration in a case study of financial fraud: “Coleções Privadas em Acervos de Museus de Arte Pblicos: o Caso da Cid Collection” (2015).