Student Affiliate

Natasha Doyon is a PhD candidate in Art Education at Concordia University. Doyon is an Israeli-Canadian visual artist and educator, working with paint, sculpture and sound regarding narratives, biography and ideas about belonging. Focused on historic and probable bodies of knowledge to translate experiences of otherness and living in between cultures and language. Her PhD research is about developing creative participatory pedagogical ways to address coexistence with Israeli and Palestinian youth,  that transcending the geo-political constraints towards an inclusive pedagogy designed for and by youth. Collaborating with the Israel Museum’s Youth Education dept in Jerusalem.

Coexistence and Participatory Art

Using an arts-based research methodology Doyon is collaborating with Israeli and Palestinian youth (ages 14-15) from the museum’s educational program to co-develop art pedagogical tools and work with the educators that facilitate coexistence programming. Using a hybrid of oral digital storytelling and visual aesthetic inquiry their works will serve to develop an online platform for multiple users to add, reflect and question pluralistic narratives of place and belonging. Doyon is interested in using life stories as knowledge building with the educators as well.