Community Affiliate and Artist

Lucine is a Palestinian, Lebanon-born artist, researcher, and community art educator, living in Tio’tia: Ke (Montreal). With a Master’s degree in Art Education from Concordia University and a bachelor’s degree in theatre from the Lebanese University of Fine Arts, Lucine possesses a diverse educational background.
Lucine has actively participated in numerous creative endeavors centered around oral history and storytelling, collaborating extensively with women refugees and youth. By employing art and storytelling as powerful tools for social action, Lucine delves into topics such as identity, displacement, belonging, and memory. Her work focuses on the intersection of art and social engagement, aiming to create spaces for dialogue and self-expression.

beit byout: Lucine is the founder of beit byout, a cultural organisation which integrates storytelling and art to explore the Arabic language and culture with a focus on identity and roots.