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Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, Applied Human Sciences


Rosemary C. Reilly obtained a certificate in Family Life Education from Concordia University in 1987. This certificate proved to be a turning point in her career, from working with young children to working with families and organizations. Dr. Reilly has been associated with Concordia University ever since both as a part-time faculty member, and since 2003, as tenure-track faculty.

Using qualitative and arts-based research methodologies, her research interests focus on exploring the impact of using learning as a lever for change at an individual, organizational, or community level; social creativity and the development of learning communities; and community trauma and collective healing. Dr. Reilly employs an experiential approach to learning, while emphasizing the whole person in this process– the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of the participant. She spends a portion of her time working with culturally diverse groups in schools, social service agencies, and community organizations.

A collective path to healing community trauma through leisure and social activism

I would like to present the history of healing in communities that have experienced a trauma (usually a murder) that has disrupted its sense of communality. Part will focus on community leisure but social activism will also be a major focus. I would like to create with these communities multimedia artifacts to share with other communities that may face similar challenges.