2022-03-17 Rencontres Éthiques: 9e Symposium des chercheur·e·s émergent·e·s

2021-11-25 Ethics as a Quest: Catherine Richardson and Zeina Ismail-Allouche

2021-09-28 The Goose Village Project: Photography, Research-Creation, and Oral History

2021-06-03 Speaking (with) maps: A threefold map-talk on cartographic objects, narratives and migrancies

2021-03-19 8th Emerging Scholars Symposium: Award for Excellence in Oral History/Prix d’excellence en histoire orale

2021-02-25 Listening: Conversation around Maps and Stories with Anne Kelly Knowles & Margaret Wickens Pearce

2021-02-03 Reflections On Cartographic Languages with Séverin Halder, Paul Schweizer and Pablo Mansilla Quiñones

2020-11-05 Le racisme : PAGE Rwanda partage ses expériences

2020-10-09 AGA Keynote:  Land, People, and Relationships on the Sauble River: Storying Through Digitization by Bimadoshka Pucan