Affiliée chercheuse

I make art as a practice of listening – Listening to collective memory, to intuition, to rocks and plants, to quiet spaces, to water, to discomforts, to injustices, to circularity, to impermanence, to life stories, and to resonating questions. I often enjoy working with papercuts, hand prints, and audio-visual portraits that arise from dialogues that lead to co-creations – with places that inspire me, with friends and with other chance encounters. My research-creation is a reflection of the numen these people, places, materials and entities exude.

I have developed several community art projects that involved collaborating with youth and school groups, as well as conceived / guided educational programs for contemporary art exhibitions. Additionally, as a professor of art history in the Fine Arts Department at Dawson College, I foster global/world art history approaches as I experiment with what it means to decolonize pedagogy/the teaching and learning process.


2019 – PhD, Art Education, Concordia University. Dissertation title: Walking With: An Invitation > Insights into the Pedagogical Force of Walking from the Perspectives of Artists who Walk as an Aspect of Their Practice ( Mentor / Supervisor: Dr. Kathleen Vaughan

2011 – MA, Art History, Concordia University. Thesis title: Making the invisible visible: documenting the creative process. ( Mentor/ Supervisor: Dr. Sherry Farrell Racette

1999 – BA, International Development Studies, McGill University Concentration: Art and Social Change. Mentor/ Supervisor: Dr. Bob White