Ale Jiménez is a student in the INDI Program in Humanities at Concordia University. She holds an undergraduate degree in performing arts from ASAB-Universidad Distrital and a master’s degree in theater and live arts from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

Ale situates her work from processes of doing-feeling-thinking. Mainly, her inquiries are carried out in the public space through theatre and performance. She is learning about data management and is interested in digital arts and anarchivism. Currently, she is a research assistant at the Acts of listening Lab. Board member of Teesri Duniya Theatre. Editor and workshop leader at Kodama Cartonera.

She worked in the Performing Arts program at the Faculty of Arts ASAB- Universidad Distrital. She co-founded the theater collective “Vale la pena ser Callejeras” in 2019. She’s been an actress and trainer in the group Vendimia Teatro since 2008. Within this troupe, her work was based on technical and methodological involvement in the practice of biomechanics, Theatre Anthropology, among others.