The Community Learning Centre Initiative is a network of 37 English community schools which support the holistic development of citizens and communities. CLCs provide a range of services and activities, often beyond the school day, to help meet the needs of learners, their families, and the wider community.

All across Quebec and Canada, people are concerned about the success of our students, the strength of our schools, and the sustainability of our communities. Our model is based on the belief that by working together, our children can succeed, our schools will contribute to the revitalization of English-speaking minority communities, and our communities contribute to strong and vibrant schools.

Based on the recognition that it takes a village to raise a child, the community schools movement is growing in Europe, Australia, the USA, and Canada. CLCs are transforming schools into ‘community schools’, providing a range of resources, services and activities, during and beyond the school day, to support the holistic development of students, their families, and the wider community. Each CLC is unique, adapting to the communities they serve, and are focused on two main objectives: enhancing student success and preserving the vitality of the English community.

Team: Ben Loomer, Allison Gonsalves, Paule Langevin, Emma Legault, and Debbie Horrocks.

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