Research Affiliate

Catherine Richardson is a Métis scholar with Cree, Dene and Gwichin ancestry.  She is the Director of First Peoples Studies and has a background in practice and research in counselling and social work.  Her area of passion is response-based practice and helping people recover from violence in a spirit of dignity and social justice.  She has supported Indigenous survivors of genocide and racism to tell their stories in various contexts including in the counselling room, in community settings and in national inquiries, such as the TRC.  Her work centres around gathering accounts of resistance and explorations of how people respond to mistreatment and humiliation, trying to reaffirm their dignity.

Indigenous Healing Knowledges

In this project, Catherine Richardson, along with her team, interview Indigenous healers from across the globe, including from Greenland, Aotearoa, Venezuela and from Turtle Island.  In these interviews she asks the healers to share important information about their worldview, cosmology, creation stories and how within that they work to help people achieve well-being, balance and a sense of belonging.  The healers will talk about their community, including the various rituals and ceremonies as well as some of the current issues they face, such as aspects of ongoing colonialism and mistreatment.  Catherine is working with Zeina Allouche and others to create a special edition journal as well as organizing an on-the-land retreat for students with the international healers.