Brynna Childs is an artist in experimental video and sound. Their past work has been featured at Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, Common Ground Gallery of Windsor Ontario and Emily Carr University of Art and Design.Using live video I present participatory media and reflection of social constructions within art and society- of identity, self (and other). As an advocat of independent art and a scholar in fields of Communication Theory and musical science, interdisciplinary approach and individual actions toward greater systems of creation and control inform my explorations of political economy, production process and social good.A current masters student in Information Studies at McGill University, Brynna is a candidate for the individualized doctorate at Concordia University building on her work in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University under the direction of Richard Gruneau that explored the effects of mega-events on human displacement and housing crisis, and her work in video at the SFU Media Analysis Lab under David Murphy that explored conversions of space and artistic spatial crisis. Brynna is currently working on community-based projects that explore access in relation to the music production process.