Student Affiliate

Autumn Beals is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Concordia University, currently enrolled in the Honours Public History program and minoring in Sexuality Studies. Her academic interests and work focus on the intersectionality of race, sexuality and gender in the social and cultural histories of marginalized communities in nineteenth to twentieth century North America. She hopes to continue engaging with the diverse and rich histories of these communities through oral, digital and visual forms of storytelling and practice.

Little Burgundy Oral History Project

Beals is currently a research assistant for Dr. Steven High’s oral history project that focuses on capturing the voices and wide range of experiences that have occurred in Little Burgundy since the mid 20th century. She is excited to join this project because she is interested in oral history and storytelling centred around marginalized voices and experiences that have typically been neglected and overlooked in larger historical discourses. Exploring how the residents of Little Burgundy–whether they are displaced persons, activists, or from a variety of cultural or religious backgrounds–have changed alongside this neighbourhood is an important narrative to tell. More importantly, these narratives that are told through the practice of oral history highlight the individual experiences within the collective aspects of community that make up Little Burgundy’s unique stories.