Community Affiliate

Professor, English Department, Vanier College

Dr. Alan Wong earned his PhD in 2013 through Concordia’s Special Individualized Program, using COHDS as his homebase to collect and analyze the oral histories of activists is Montreal who identified as both LGBTQ+ and racially minoritized or Indigenous people, using José Esteban Muñoz’s work on disidentification as the theoretical lens to examine how the narrators were able negotiate a sense of belonging in three major social institutions present in their lives: family; citizenship; and activism. He was also a core member of the Montreal Life Stories project at Concordia, primarily devoting his time to the Living Histories Ensemble Playback theatre troupe as well as conducting interviews for the project with local artists who worked with communities whose members had been displaced by incidents of mass violence and/or their stories. Since 2011, he has been teaching in the English Department at Vanier College in Ville Saint-Laurent, where he teaches a course on oral history as well as engages in occasional research that focuses on social justice-related issues affecting the performance, success, and mental and emotional wellbeing of students there.