To show the beauty that exists in the world. My name is Tessa Charlebois and art to me has been about the infinite dreams. I hold a Major in Studio Art, Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal Quebec. Growing up in North Western Ontario, Thunder Bay, located on the shores of Lake Superior; landscapes taught me how to draw. Surrounded by nature is the root to my inspiration. A passion for the arts to blossom, that brings a sense of truth. The love of being in a place where expression is infinite. To help others grab that same feeling. That is what really motivates me. My primary practice is in drawing and painting, my real love is work with metal, bronze casting. As a community art organizer, I’ve created group exhibitions and collaborative artistic events for the public. I’m a Gallery Exhibitor, Public Art Competitor, and I stand with various Collectives and Centres in the public and educational sectors. A new Set Designer, I am also striving to make new large-scale paintings. Attracted to the use of art as an apparatus. Currently, my focus has shifted on thinking about creating art for hospitals, as a haven and solace, as I navigate my health journey through the medical system. My dream to create a space for healing.