Student Affiliate

Roselle Villanueva is a student at Concordia University taking a major in Sociology with a minor in Law and Society. Her involvement in the university fueled her passion for community work and research. In the future, she aspires to pursue a degree in Law.

Currently, she is the Sociology and Anthropology Student Union (SASU) Stories From Montreal Podcast Producer. She intends to present sociological and anthropological topics and concepts in an accessible and easily digestible format and hopefully to also appeal to Concordia students outside the department of Sociology and Anthropology. Essentially, by bringing a vibe that is a break from the usual monotonous academic routine, she hopes to create the perfect balance of fun and education. She wants students to be inspired to think about the topics and engage in discussions.

Her free time is filled with creating and publishing her own videos and vlogs, making song covers, and podcasting. Her current involvement at the Filipino Organization of Concordia University Students (FOCUS) has made her more confident in speaking her mind and in engaging with other people. In her own podcast, Draft Picks by Roselle Jane, she opens up about her personal life and talks about mental wellness, overcoming adversity, work-study-life balance, politics, and pop culture among many others. She aims to connect with her audience through her personal experiences and the things she has learned through the relationships she built with others.