Research Affiliate

Nancy R. Tapias Torrado is a Colombian human rights lawyer, international consultant, and doctoral candidate in the Sociology Department at the University of Oxford. Her thesis, “Indigenous Women leading the Defence of Human Rights from the Abuses by Mega-Projects in Latin America, in the face of Extreme Violence,” explores the impact of social movement organizations led by indigenous women on the practice of corporate actors involved in mega-projects. Her research comes out of her decade of experience workingwith Amnesty International as the researcher on the situation of human rights defenders in the Americas.

Indigenous Women leading the Defence of Human Rights from the Abuses by Mega-Projects in Latin America 

Nancy is interested in learning more about the application and academic discussion about oral history. As a human rights practitioner and researcher, she has used it many times for documenting grave violations and for developing action-research initiatives. Moreover, there is an important overlapping between oral history and one of the key methods she is using in her doctoral research -life history sociology. She believes COHDS and ALLab are the best places to learn more about oral history and its application and to share some of her reflection about her own practice.