Research Affiliate

Mark Beauchamp teaches history at Dawson College and is an administrator of the Dawson Oral History Project Archive, which now holds over 2100 word-searchable indexed oral histories. Mark also coordinates the Certificate of Decolonization and Indigenization Studies at Dawson College, and organizes Indigenous-facilitated faculty and staff trainings and workshops focused on decolonizing classrooms and institutional structures at Dawson College. Mark has also designed a paired course with a member of the Geography department which explores the rapid changes taking place in Shaughnessy Village, and the impact these changes have had on the individuals who live there, and the community organizations that offer services around Cabot Square. In all of this work, the goal has been to move Dawson from an institution prepared to make apologies via land acknowledgements to an institution that is willing to make material reparations for being located on stolen, unceded Kanien’kehá:ka land.