Sadie Couture is a digital media artist, producer, educator, and scholar. Sadie holds an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University and a BA in Philosophy and Gender Studies from the University of British Columbia. Her work and interests lie at the intersection of radio history, sound studies, and community-engaged art. She writes about, and makes, audio in various settings. Recently, Sadie has been an ​artist in residence​ at the Vancouver School Board, has contributed to the audio mapping project ​Mayne Island Sound Map​, has co-produced ​COHDScast​ ​the podcast about COHDS affiliates and oral history, and her most recent written work can be seen in ​On this Patch of Grass: City Parks on Occupied Land​ (Fernwood, 2018).​ Sadie will begin doctoral work in Communication Studies at McGill University in September 2020