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Hall has been a science librarian at Concordia University since 2009. Her interest in oral history, however is unconnected to her professional practice and research. Rather, it has been heavily influence by her maternal grandmother and a drive to help preserve her research and legacy.

Bishop family of Greenwich, Nova Scotia

Her grandmother has been involved in collecting and publishing family genealogies and Katharine has discovered many of her cassette tapes of recorded interviews, recitation of old family stories and events such as funerals. She does not have much information about what is on the cassette tapes beyond the sparse notes on the cases. She is interested in digitizing these cassette tapes as a way to discover what they contain, but also to preserve this oral history work her grandmother undertook in the 1980s. This is important as many of the individuals on these tapes are no longer living and storage conditions of these tapes did not take into account optimal preservation conditions.