The Lost Stories Project engages Canadians in the process of commemorating their history. This project brings together members of the public, artists and filmmakers to explore little known stories about the Canadian past. Stories solicited from the public are handed over to artists who have the task of transforming them into inexpensive, site-specific works of public art. Finally, the creative journeys of the artists are documented by a series of short films published on this website. Along the way, forgotten moments from Canadian history are brought to light, stories that stretch across the country and shed light on people often excluded from the historical narrative; and viewers have an opportunity to see the choices that have to be made when a story is transformed into a work of public art. 

Lost Stories is directed by Ronald Rudin, a COHDS affiliate and Professor Emeritus of History at Concordia University. The project was supported by the collaboration of Keith Thor Carlson (University of the Fraser Valley) and John Walsh (Carleton University). Lost Stories can be used in the classroom thanks to educational material developed by Scott Pollock. The project’s website was developed by Antonia Hernandez and Corina MacDonald for their firm MAT3RIAL.