Liz Miller, Ted Little & Steven High

Going Public: Oral History, New Media and the Performing Arts brings together individuals using interdisciplinary methodologies founded on the core values of collaboration, transparency and shared authority to explore the social, political, and aesthetic dimensions of contemporary international public art practice.

For us, going public means far more than exploring the potential of new technologies and finding new audiences for our research – it means redefining the research process itself. How can university-based researchers and artists collaborate effectively and use technological innovations to reach larger publics or make a deeper impact? How do we include a wider circle in the conversation? How do, and how might, oral history, new media and community-engaged arts contribute to public knowledge and to healthy and sustainable relationships, organizations, institutions, communities, schools, and neighbourhoods? How can we transform our creative and intellectual work into public scholarship? Specifically, we will build on existing and emerging connections to learn about and with innovative and ongoing interdisciplinary projects in Canada and around the world.