Canal is an audiowalk that takes listeners from the Atwater Market to the Saint Gabriel Lock. Over the course of the walk, memories of residents and workers from the area guide the listener through history. Childhood memories, bridge rides, manufactures and workers’ struggles, intercultural relations, community organizing, conversions of old industrial buildings… Canal is a trip through time and space that is sure to make you see this famous navigational route in a whole new light.

The audio walk and the booklet are part of the larger Post/Industrial Montreal research project and build on the previous Your Memories of the Lachine Canal Revealed oral history project, a partnership between Parks Canada’s Lachine Canal National Historic Site and COHDS. Katy Tari and Paul-Émile Cadorette conducted all of the interviews and the present project would have been impossible without their foundational work. Thanks also go out to all of the interviewees who agreed to share their stories with others.

The Canal project team consisted of Steven High, Eve-Lyne Cayouette Ashby, Phil Lichti, Simon Vickers, Sofie Desjardins, Ingrid Theuninck, Marie-Hélène Sauvé, and Viola Fini. Booklet design and layout is from Camille Rioux.