Research Affiliate

ALLab Director, COHDS Co-Director and Core Member – Theatre

Canada Research Chair in Oral History Performance, Associate Professor, Department of Theatre

Luis C. Sotelo Castro is a dual national Colombian/British artist-researcher. His practice is performance-based. He creates live environments of memory in collaboration with other artists and participants from specific communities and locations. He also explores how participatory oral history performance might facilitate listening. He is Canada Research Chair in Oral History Performance and Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre at Concordia University.

Listening in the Context of Oral History Performance

The aim of the research project is to position listening in the context of the transformative power of Oral History Performance as a subject of study. It will pay particular attention to listening in the context of projects addressing oral histories in post-conflict contexts across the Americas, and in the context of migration. To achieve this aim, the program will focus on oral history performance experiments in collaboration with refugees in Montreal, and aboriginal populations and youth at risk in post-conflict contexts across the Americas. Target audiences (listeners) of such performance experiments will be determined in collaboration with those subjects whose voices are the topic of the creative-research experiments, and in collaboration with partners leading social innovation efforts in post-conflict and migration contexts.

Under the direction of Luis Sotelo, Canada Research Chair for Oral Performance, The Acts of Listening Lab (ALLab) is a facility within COHDS dedicated to research creation on the transformative power of listening in the context of oral history performance. It brings together artists-researchers, communities, and activists from across disciplines and cultures interested in exploring alternative and creative ways of making life stories matter in the public sphere. Luis Sotelo’s personal research for his role as Canada Research Chair specifically investigates methods of transformative justice for individuals and communities having experienced conflict, using headphone verbatim techniques as a listening and performative methodology.



Acts of Listening Lab