The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling is looking for volunteers to help host the upcoming exhibition COVID in the House of Old, taking place from November 14th to November 24th. This is a fantastic opportunity for students and community members to get involved with COHDS more directly and engage with oral history and storytelling through an impactful project led by artist and researcher Megan J. Davies.

Volunteers responsibilities include:
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Helping facilitate the story-telling space in which visitors can share their own experiences with COVID
  • Helping with the set up and take down, and moving the exhibition between rooms on certain dates

Volunteers will be asked to be present during the full duration of the event on the day(s) they are present. The following are the exhibition volunteer time slots:

Tues., November 14: 15h-21h
Wed., November 15: 13:30h-17:30h
Thurs., November 16: 13:30h-17:30h
Frid., November 17: 13:30h-17:30h

Sat., November 18: 10h-18h
Sun., November 19: 10h-18h

Tues., November 21: 13:30h-17:30h
Wed., November 22: 13:30h-17:30h
Thurs., November 23: 13:30h-17:30h
Frid., November 24: 10h-18h

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send our COHDS Intern and team-lead, Antea Zivanovic, with the subject line “CIHO Volunteering” at Please make sure to indicate on which day(s) you are available.