COHDS offers an annual Award for Excellence in Oral History. This $500 student award recognizes research excellence in the interdisciplinary field of oral history. Graduate students enrolled at Concordia University and affiliated with COHDS who completed their work after April 1st of the past year are eligible to be nominated (by their professor or self-nominated). Citizens landed immigrants or international students are eligible. An adjudication committee at COHDS selects the best research paper, research creation project, or thesis.

The results are announced at the annual Emerging Scholars Symposium in late March. Applications should include: – Research paper or thesis, or any material describing the research creation project (website URL, text, images, etc.) -Cover letter including information on the study program For the current year’s award, you can submit an application by email until January 31st, 11:59PM to the Coordinator and Community Facilitator at

If you are a student, please consider nominating yourself, and if you are a professor, please consider nominating a student. Once again, this prize can go either to a thesis or to a research paper, or research creation project. Nominees must already be affiliated with COHDS at the time of application.