Archives are memory institutions and as such are often mandated to share the memory held in their institutions by providing access to their materials. The ways in which access is provided can and will differ depending on the institution and the holdings it has.

At COHDS, access to information about our holdings is provided in person during Reference Hours, by emailing, or by browsing the Archives section of our website. Access to the holdings will be granted to any individual whether they are an affiliate of the Centre, connected to COHDS in an official or unofficial capacity, have used the Centre’s facilities in the past, or are brought to the Centre through academic pursuits. This includes academic researchers, students, affiliates, community-based researchers, core members, individuals representing organizations, and educators. Access to the COHDS Archival Holdings can only be granted after said individual has signed an Access Agreement (below) and been added to our Access Log.

All those who have access to the COHDS Archives are subject to the following rules and regulations:

– COHDS materials may be used for research purposes only unless otherwise permitted by a Director;
– Access to interviews may be limited to five (5) interviews or less at a time;
– Community Members must respect the welfare of the collection’s materials, COHDS equipment, other users, and COHDS staff;
– The Director must be made aware of the use of any COHDS archival material in research for, or the creation of, any publication(s) or audio/video production(s) before use and such use must be properly referenced;
– Community Members may not copy or reproduce material from the COHDS collection, either in part or in whole without first confirming restriction levels with a Director;
– Community Members must respect the confidentiality of each interviewee as outlined in their Interviewee Consent Form.

Those who fail to respect these limitations may have their archival access privileges revoked.

Additional explanations of the above policies and any other questions about accessing the archives at COHDS can be addressed to the Archives team at

COHDS Archives Interview Restriction Levels

COHDS Access Agreement