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The Archives at COHDS has over 1,700 oral history interviews and 20 collections recorded by affiliated researchers, projects, and partner organizations. These audio and video recordings reveal much about urban and labour history, forced migration and immigration, race relations, wartime experiences, and mass violence. A large number of interviews are with Holocaust and genocide survivors.

COHDS archival materials may be accessed by researchers and community members who agree to respect COHDS’s ethics regulations, interviewee confidentiality, and Archives' rules and regulations when they sign an Access Agreement. Please refer to the Using the Archives page to gain more information about how to access our archival materials. Also refer to our Ethics page for more information on how we respect ethics and the confidentiality of our interviewees. 

COHDS also accepts the donation of oral history recordings that are accompanied by consent forms and are open to public consultation. Please consult the Donating page. 

For more information, visit the Holdings Overview below or contact us.  

We would like to acknowledge our partnership with McGill University's School of Information Studies and the many outstanding archival students who have served as interns at COHDS. 


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