Research Affiliate

Zara Saeidzadeh is a doctoral candidate in Gender Studies at Örebro University, Sweden. She is also a research associate at Simone de Beauvoir Institute in Concordia University, Canada. In her research, she examines the lives of trans people in Iran from a socio-legal perspective. She has conducted extensive fieldwork in Iran and has carried out a research project on Iranian Transgender Advocacy Network at Lund University, Sweden. Saeidzadeh has been involved in Trans Rights project funded by European Research Council through which she has interviewed trans people in Sweden.

Trans and Sex Change in Iran: Socio-legal study of gendered policy and practices

This project is a qualitative interview-based study about the socio-legal status of trans persons who undergo sex-change surgery  in Iran. This study examines how the social practices of gender at individual and collective level (e.g. family) as well as the policies and practices at meso level(e.g. psychiatric medical and judicial institutions) and macro level (state laws and religious legal opinions) shape the lives of trans people in Iranian society. It investigates sex change among trans men and trans women who reconstruct their body and redefine their gender differently than assigned to them at birth. Thus, the study draws on gender embodiment and (mis) recognition of trans people in Iranian socio-legal context.