Community Affiliate

Roen’s passion is to Engage, Educate and Empower others to find their unique gift which she believes is a therapy of a lifetime. She is an active Special Care Counsellor, inspirational event planner and a community change agent, far from the hyper at-risk youth once entangled in the system. This Montreal native has overcome the domino effects of a family suffering from mental illness, living in foster homes and not having an address to call her own. Roen is known to flip words and paint a picture through her diction, she always used her-story to help others.

Her accomplishments in the community have been recognized by the Montreal Community Care Awards, Black Theatre Workshop, and Fonds 1804 for creative accomplishments and her service to the community by helping young people to persevere in school. This repeat winner is no stranger in the scene of Improv & slam poetry and has taken stages over with her pieces that echo the realities of our society yet never leaving the mic without a solution. Dubbed as ‘Blu Riva’, her unique style, ‘flow’ and delivery has gained her opportunities to perform before different audiences in different time zones. She is presently working on growing her transformational coaching, speaking and events business in which she will assist others to discover their purpose, shift their perspective and “Elevate Impact”.