We are in the process of making the collections of stories that we have at COHDS for which we have all the ethical authorizations more accessible. A small number of interviews from our collections have been made available online through COHDS Vimeo account. These interviews are password protected, and access is granted following contact with the Archivist. Please see the listing on our website for a description of each collection. The collections with accessible material are:

  • Pointe-St-Charles – Balconville to Condoville (5 interviews);
  • Montreal Life Stories – Haitian Working Group (11 interviews);
  • Montreal Life Stories – Holocaust Working Group (10 interviews);
  • Voices of Little Burgundy (5 interviews).

These collections complete the Histoire de vie Montréal collection of the Rwandan working group, of which 21 stories have been publicly available for over a year through the Archives Vivantes project and mapped in the Rwandan Life Stories Atlas Project.

We will continue to make the collections at COHDS for which we have the necessary permissions more accessible. If you would like to prioritize the uploading of certain specific collections, please let us know.